Siccar Point Field Visit
with Robert Gatliff

This summer field trip to the renowned geological site at Siccar Point will be led by Robert Gatliff. Open to members and their guests the visit will be followed by Dinner at the Waterside Bistro in Haddington.

Dunbar Rail Station
Station Road
Tue 23 Aug 2022 | 4:00 PM - Edinburgh
Siccar Point Field Visit, with Robert Gatliff

Meeting Point Dunbar Rail Station

Our guide - Robert Gatliff

Robert Gatliff is a previous President of the Edinburgh Geological Society and a trustee of the new Scottish Geology Trust. Formerly Director of Energy and Marine Geoscience at the British Geological Survey, a previous Board Member of the Scottish Oil Club, and currently the Editor of The Edinburgh Geologist, the magazine of the Edinburgh Geological Society.

Siccar Point

“Accorded Site of Special Scientific Interest status in 1961, the Siccar Point unconformity (known as Hutton’s Unconformity) is an internationally famous place of geological pilgrimage. It is of great historical importance in the development of the science of geology and described as the most important geological location in the world. Read More…”

Booking and Costs

Booking is available directly with us by email to [email protected] or using the Eventbrite service below.

There will be a charge of £35 per person which includes pick up from Dunbar rail station, transport to Siccar Point, Dinner and a return to Edinburgh later in the evening.