Scottish Energy Forum

The Scottish Energy Forum is a national forum for the presentation and discussion of views on the economic, industrial, technological and political aspects of all forms of energy. The programme of regular meetings gives members the chance to hear briefings by specialists of international standing. Members enjoy opportunities for lively and informed debate in informal surroundings, and benefit from networking with others from a range of energy-related enterprises. The Scottish Energy Forum is a key non-profit energy NGO and a highly credible energy discussion forum with significant membership across Scotland, Europe, and the world.

Our Programme

Regular monthly meetings are held over the autumn, winter and spring at venues in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and London.

Our Membership

The diverse membership is drawn from right across the energy industry and its supporting service companies. The membership includes decision/policy makers, financial sector analysts, trade, academics and consulting–a true breadth of experience and knowledge. The Forum values all opinions and aims to facilitate discussion and debate of topical issues, research, and projects across the full energy spectrum for all those keen to deliver their views to our members, or wishing to challenge our collective experience. The Club also enables invaluable networking at the industry level, and across peer groups. All are welcome to hear the presentations, debate the discussion and learn more about the energy sector than they probably knew before.