The UNclear NUclear Future
with Brain Matthews, TerraUrsa

29 Abercromby PLace
Thu 25 May 2023 | 5:30 PM - Edinburgh- Video Conference
The UNclear NUclear Future, with Brain Matthews, TerraUrsa

Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh

The UNclear NUclear Future
The UK and many countries are considering the role nuclear in a net zero future.

We will discuss how its history, and it current challenges can be overcome with new smaller and easier to build reactors that do more than just produce electricity. How they could fit alongside renewables, and if its worth the high costs and construction uncertainty

About Brian Matthews
Brian is the founder and managing director of TerraUrsa.

TerraUrsa is an energy and climate change consultancy. Brian has worked in the energy sector since 1997 and specialises in nuclear and renewable energy, operational leadership, energy policy and strategy, and engaging people through education.

Event format
An excellent opportunity to meet with friends and colleagues in an informal setting where respectful discussion and debate are encouraged.

Doors will be open from 5:15 pm with our speaker starting at 6:00 pm

From 7pm we welcome we welcome you to our drinks reception before before dinner at 7:45 pm in the discussion often continues.

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